How Is Fashion Moving From ‘Fast’ To Sustainable?

How Is Fashion Moving From ‘Fast’ To Sustainable?

The fashion industry has been under the spotlight in recent years for its ever-faster trend cycles. Cheap, mass-produced items hit the shops, and within increasingly short time-spans, the style is old news, and the item is discarded to the recycling bin.

Many young people now won’t be seen in the same outfit twice, even in online photographs. They simply order new products on a weekly basis, treating clothes and accessories as if they were perishable goods.

Of course, all this waste is contributing to the climate crisis, and consumers and brands alike are finally waking up to the fact that fast fashion isn’t a sustainable option. If we are to preserve anything like a liveable planet for future generations, we must rethink the way we produce and buy clothes and accessories.

The endless demand for the new is bringing the world’s natural resources and supply of raw materials to breaking point. Even when consumers dispose of their ‘old’ clothes in a recycling bin, in many cases the fabric isn’t suitable, and only 15% of clothing is eventually recycled in new products, according to the CBI.

So how can consumers make a difference when they are shopping for themselves or for gifts? One way to break the fast fashion cycle is to choose durable well-made goods that are designed to last, and not end up in landfill within months! Another good tip is to look for products that are part of the circular economy.

This means that the materials are reused or recycled in some way, rather than drawing on the earth’s natural resources time after time. For example, cowhide and sheepskin products, such as rugs, belts, slippers, mittens, and so on, are made from a natural by-product of the food industry, which would otherwise end up in landfill.

They are also practical, long-lasting, and have a timeless appeal. If you are looking to shop in a more sustainable way, then these classic accessories are an excellent place to start!


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