How To Care For Sheepskin Slippers

How To Care For Sheepskin Slippers

There’s nothing quite like easing your feet into a beautifully snug pair of sheepskin slippers at the end of a long hard day. As little touches of luxury go, you could certainly do a lot worse! But it’s important to know how best to care for your creature comforts so they stand the test of time and don’t start showing signs of age well before they’re due.

Luckily, looking after sheepskin isn’t particularly tricky or time-consuming, especially if you use a protective coating of some kind on the outer surface. 

Go for something that’s both stain and water-resistant and which can be used on suede or leather. Once this coating has been applied, your slippers will be well protected against spotting, as well as being more resistant to dirt.

Of course, over time dust and dirt is sure to start clinging to your slippers but all you need to do to remove it is give them a brush down using a suede brush, making sure that you follow the nap of the fabric (which is the texture of the material, describing how the fibres align).

If you spot any stains or marks, make sure you deal with them as soon as you can. The longer you leave stains and spots, the more likely it is that you won’t be able to remove any marks entirely.

Spot cleaning is easy and all you need to do is use some mild detergent, a soft cloth and some cool water. Blot the affected area with cleaner and then rinse with water, blotting the excess aay using a dry towel. Make sure that you don’t let the water soak through the material.

Never put your slippers in the washing machine to clean them! There are specific shampoos you can invest in that will help keep them in fine fettle.

If you need to clean the inside of the slipper, use a small amount of cleaner on a soft cloth and work it through the inside of the foot. Give it a careful rinse once done and then let them air dry. Make sure you don’t put them in direct sunlight, as this could result in fading.

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