Reasons Why Sheepskin In Good For Your Health

Reasons Why Sheepskin In Good For Your Health

Sheepskin is soft and fuzzy to the touch, but health benefits are abundant beyond simply comfort!

Whether youre adopting the current trend for sheepskin-lined coats, or always wanted a sheepskin rug, the health benefits of sheepskin may not be as well-known as the comfort and warmth it can provide, so lets talk a closer look!


1. Supports to Relieve Aches and Pains

Sheepskin has crimped fibres that provide natural cushioning for your body. The 3D spiralling of each figure acts like a spring, allowing the material to form to your body shape. It makes it the ideal textile for autistic children, many of whom benefit from the warmth, softness, and soothing touch sensation.


2. Regulates Body Temperature

Wool has the ability to keep you warm in cold weather and cool in warmer weather, meaning sheepskin can keep the wearer comfortable in all situations. This can be extremely beneficial for newborn babies that may have been born premature or with a low birth weight since they cant regulate their own body temperature just yet.


3. Minimises Bacteria and Other Pathogens

Sheepskin fleece has a natural resistance to mould and dust mites, which can help you avoid getting sick. This makes it ideal for babies to minimise illnesses and allow for a good nights sleep, for both baby and parents!


4. Moisture Wicking Ability

Skin breakdowns can be caused by several reasons, but one of the largest is moisture. Since sheepskin has wonderful moisture-wicking ability, moisture stays away from the skin and minimises any potential hazard or complication that can lead to skin breakdowns and possible infections.


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