What Differentiates Cowhide From Other Types Of Leather

What Differentiates Cowhide From Other Types Of Leather

Humans have been using various types of animal hide for thousands of years, and some of the earliest examples of tools were those used for the processing of animal hides, including cowhide.

Cowhide is the natural and unbleached skin and hair of a cow. Though it is a product of the food industry related to cattle it is also very often processed into leather. If youre looking at leather goods, such as ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons new cowhide boots, you might be wondering how cowhide is different from other types of leather. Lets have a closer look.


From Cowhide to Leather 

Cowhide leather is the result achieved through various processes, such as tanning cowhide leather. Once finished, the leather is used in the making of several different products. Such as leather jackets and apparel, shoes, wallets, furniture, different types of upholstery and many others.


What is the Difference between Cowhide Leather and other Types of Leather

Different leathers will vary, for example, cowhide may be better than goatskin for some applications, but goatskin might be preferable to cowhide in others.


Cowhide vs Goatskin 

Cowhide is rugged and stronger than goatskin, but it does not have the same flexibility as goatskin. Cowhide is heavier than goatskin too. Cowhide is warmer than goatskin as it has better insulation properties, but goatskin is softer and smoother.


Cowhide vs Sheepskin and Lambskin

Cowhide is far more durable and stronger than sheepskin, but as with goatskin, sheepskin is more flexible and stretchable and weighs considerably less than cowhide, As far as insulation goes, cowhide offers more warmth than sheepskin. However, in matters of softness and suppleness sheepskin is way better than cowhide. 


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