What To Look For When Buying A Handbag

What To Look For When Buying A Handbag

What you need from your handbag will depend on what you require it for, whether that’s nipping to the shop or going to work with your laptop. However, there are some features every lady should have in their favourite bag.  


1)     Internal pockets 

Handbags carry all sorts of items, both big and small, which is why it is essential to have at least one internal zip pocket to keep the more precious of your belongings safe and separate. You don’t want to be hunting around for your Oyster card or searching endlessly for keys or phone, which is why little pockets that are easily accessible are a must.  


2)    The right straps for you 

Some women prefer traditional tote bags with large shoulder straps, so it is easy to open and grab what they need while on the go; others want a shopper-style handbag with longer straps and a deeper pocket.  

For mums with prams, a cross-over bag with even longer straps is essential, as this leaves their hands free to push their little one. Whatever design you fall in love with, make sure it comes with the straps that suit your lifestyle the most.  


3)    Design for all looks 

When it comes to picking the pattern and colour of your everyday handbag, make sure you pick one that is versatile and suits as many of your outfits as possible. You could play it safe and opt for tan or light grey, as these popular neutral colours won’t clash with anything.  

Alternatively, you might want your bag to say something about your style and personality, in which case look for a cowhide handbag in the UK that will go with everything and stand out from the crowd.  

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