Why Sheepskin Is So Great For Babies!

Why Sheepskin Is So Great For Babies!

As we all know, babies have incredibly soft skin but it’s important to take care of it because it’s also very sensitive - so knowing what products and materials are best to use is a great idea, helping you to protect your baby’s skin and keep irritations, rashes and baby acne at bay as far as is possible.

If you’re currently shopping for baby clothes (what fun!), looking out for products made from sheepskin can really help keep your little one’s skin in beautiful condition, boasting a wide range of different health benefits - which is why it’s been used as a material for years!

Merino wool is a wonderful option for baby garments, blankets, sleepsacks and so on, helping to keep them snug and warm.

What’s great about natural wool fibres is that they’re able to help regulate your baby’s temperature, while they’re also natural antimicrobials, which means they could help reduce the chances of your baby catching a cold or common illnesses.

Sheepskin serves as an amazing thermoregulator, keeping little ones cool in summer and warm in winter, while allowing their skin to breathe. It can also help in humid conditions because of the lanolin found in the wool itself, which is naturally impermeable. Air is able to flow through the fibres, which then help to keep your baby’s skin dry.

Interestingly, sheepskin is also thought to be able to help your baby sleep - excellent news for all exhausted parents everywhere! It’s often used as a cot or pram liner for this very reason, with the wool fibres helping to absorb pressure without flattening, giving your baby a lovely soft pillowy cushion on which to sleep.

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