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Reindeer Hide - Pale Premium Scandinavian

Reindeer Hide - Pale Premium Scandinavian

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Reindeer Hides make a stunning addition to any home to achieve the Scandi hygge look and are also perfect for outside entertaining.  The blend of cream, beige and brown colourings vary depending on the season and age of the animal so each skin is individual in its appearance. Reindeer fur is made up of hollow hairs providing unbeatable thermal insulation for the reindeer, but it is not recommended that these rugs are placed in areas with high temperatures such as underfloor heating or warm rooms as this can cause shedding.

As far as sustainability, the Sami people have such a close relationship with the reindeers, they make it a necessity that the entire animal is used; nose to tail. The reindeer provides the Sami population with a livelihood with the meat being used for food, skin and fur being used for clothes and the bones being used for handicrafts. None of the reindeer hides we sell are bred solely for their hide and they are primarily a by-product from the reindeer meat industry. Sustainability is one of our key focuses and to work with a community who believe there should be zero waste from any animal killed is an important factor.

Sami people have a unique relationship with nature and sustainability and their unique relationship with their surroundings is not only ethical but also contains a spiritual side. The Sami reindeer graze freely and are not enclosed by fencing or cages which showcases the ethical and natural element to Reindeer farming.


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XL Approx 160 x 100cm

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